Raw materials & energy

Raw materials & energy

Rohstoffe & Energie
Rohstoffe & Energie

Obtaining resources safely and securely

The growing demand for raw materials and energy drives the need to tap into new resources, which are often found in locations with extreme conditions. Alongside these external conditions and the safety aspects they entail, ever stricter environmental requirements and increasingly cumbersome approval procedures present something of a challenge in this regard.
The right information must therefore be available to all parties at every location and continuously kept up to date – throughout all stages of an energy generation project.

Information flow from source to target

Information is recorded as soon as it is created, then stored and linked semantically according to the single source principle.

Changes to facilities for conveying and production are automatically passed on to all relevant systems in real time. This way, documentation for plants, processes, operations, training and audits is continuously kept up to date.

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Utilizing expertise

Experts and users on site acquire new experience and practical expertise on a daily basis.

Through defined feedback processes, this knowledge can be collected and evaluated to add value. This results in more practically oriented and relevant content that improves efficiency and reliability and helps to guarantee long-term use.

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Reliability in focus

Consistency of content, uniform formulations and universal terminology help to avoid time-consuming queries and misunderstandings.

With valid terminology, comprehensive quality assurance for translations and more than 200 working languages supported, our solutions give you the market confidence you need, even in regions where you don’t speak the language.

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