Content delivery

Content delivery

Aufbereitung von Inhalten

Stand out with the right format

Desktop publishing displays your information in a way that’s guaranteed to win over your audience. In translation, desktop publishing comes into play at both the start and end of the process. The quality of the original documentation determines the time and extra work required during translation and when creating the layout for the target text.

Our experienced DTP teams in your target markets are well versed in all kinds of layout work that is required before and after translation. During this process, we naturally take into account all your CI specifications and are able to provide support for all common DTP tools and languages.

Benefits at a glance

  • Attractive market presence thanks to an appealing layout across all media and languages
  • Professional formatting and structured data
  • Long-term optimization of publishing processes
  • Excellent reusability for future projects
  • Extended workbench for your internal marketing and DTP teams allows you to handle increased workloads

Information in real time

Your customers want to find information quickly across a range of channels. This requires high-level automated publication processes that supply your audience with appealing, target audience-specific information packs – whether virtually, digitally, as PDF files or on paper.

Fully automated publication eliminates unnecessary additional work and the risk of manual intervention. This gives you the chance to let your creativity shine, enables savings in terms of human resources and creates flexibility for last-minute corrections. At the same time, you benefit from true single-source publishing, since you no longer have to maintain duplicate content and publication data.

Benefits at a glance

  • Shorter publication times and higher quality through defined processes
  • Flexibility for last-minute changes (agile product development)
  • Reduced data maintenance through true single-source publishing for all languages and all media
  • Optimum consistency and minimal costs for print layouts
  • Improved data quality, minimal data volume
  • Simplified data migration thanks to better structures
  • Information packages available simultaneously across all media and languages

Information you can really get your hands on

Even in the age of multimedia, digitalization and virtual reality, printed documentation is still relevant and in demand: Physical impressions cannot be replaced and, what’s more, many regulatory specifications are still written on paper.

Printing requirements are continuously changing and the trend towards personalization and individualization is also gaining ground in this sector. State-of-the-art printing and processing technology allows even small print runs for brochures, operating instructions, spare parts catalogs and similar documents to be produced cost-effectively.

STAR takes on every aspect of your logistics and supply chain: Procurement, packaging, finishing, storing and dispatch.

Benefits at a glance

  • Consistent process chain from content development to delivery
  • High-quality, personalized printed products
  • Reduction in logistics work
  • Reliable packaging with high level of personalization and maximum flexibility
  • In-house printing center and finishing services

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