START Hack 2021

START Hack 2021

START Hack 2021

STAR is Challenge Partner of the START Hack 2021

START Hack unites coders, designers, and business students to celebrate technology and push innovation forward in one continent-spanning hackathon.

STAR Group provides solutions and services making operation and servicing of products easier and more productive using AI based technology. Intuitive UIs and UXs are key for the success of our solutions.

The prize will be 2000 Swiss Francs for the “most intuitive UI and UX” of the hacks delivered in the hackathon.

The following 4 criteria will be judged:

  1. The user interface is self-explanatory and can be used without introduction
  2. The first impression and the appearance are attractive: “one gets the desire to work with it”
  3. Complex functions can be used without explanation
  4. The user knows at any time in which process step, mode, functional area, etc. he/she is.

On each of the 4 judgement criteria a maximum of 5 points can be achieved. Hence a maximum total of 20 Points is achievable for this challenge.

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