Transit Service Pack 15

Transit Service Pack 15

Transit Service Pack 15

More source formats, new and improved MT interfaces, COTI compatibility

Transit NXT, the translation memory system from the STAR Group, has been updated with Service Pack 15 to support the latest file formats. Users now have the option of translating documents in the following file versions: InDesign 2022, InDesign 2023, FrameMaker 2022 and Quicksilver 3.8.1.

Machine translation via Globalese can now be used in the software. The interface to DeepL has been further expanded: Transit now supports the glossary feature from DeepL as well as different forms of address and even engines with aliases for KantanMT.

An all-new feature is the COTI interface for unpacking, translating and returning order packages from content management systems. That's not the only innovation for project exchange: Multimedia files that are used to illustrate terminology in TermStar dictionaries, can now be packed too.

Analysing and invoicing projects is made easier by the enhanced Report Manager options – including the ability to analyse machine-translated and locked segments separately and apply separate weightings.

Extra filter criteria are now available for translators and reviewers, enabling them to display or hide segments for proofreading/post-editing, for find and replace operations or for specific evaluations.

As always, user requests have been implemented, including extra options for Office projects, new working languages, Woxikon thesauruses as an additional online search option and the automatic addition of the target language to file names upon export.

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