Data quality


Data quality

Save time with correct formatting

It is essential that documents are formatted correctly in order for them to be reused or processed further. Using the FormatChecker, you can localize typical formatting errors, make interactive corrections and simultaneously learn how you can optimize your approach to formatting. Via the complete check, FormatChecker will analyze your documents and provide you with an evaluation that you can use to assess the data quality of the documents you have obtained.

Benefits at a glance

  • Consistent and correct formatting
  • Quick data quality check in batch mode
  • Reduced editing, translation and DTP costs
  • Minimization of lead times and costs through early correction measures
  • Simplified data migration
  • Flexible licensing models
  • Worldwide support organization (first-, second- and third-level)

For authors and technical editors

  • Display of critical formatting and interactive correction directly in Word or FrameMaker
  • Valuable tips and background information regarding optimization potential
  • Long-term learning function for future documents

For DTP experts and quality assurance

  • Reduced effort on new layout procedures (e.g. page format conversion or languages written from right to left)
  • Optimized layout adjustments for various language lengths in target languages (higher degree of automation)
  • Assessment and assurance of the data quality of supplied documents (approval)

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