Machine translation


Machine translation

Machine translation – quicker, good and secure

Global markets, international project teams, worldwide support, multi-language communication channels? The volume of content that requires translation is ever increasing and can no longer be sufficiently taken care of quickly and affordably with human translation alone. Furthermore, in many cases, a quick, rough translation is all that’s required to understand the content (“gisting”).

STAR MT explained in brief

Benefits at a glance

  • Additional resources for your translations
  • Dedicated system, trained with texts, translations and terminology from your business
  • Shorter deadlines and quicker turnaround times for translation jobs
  • Support for neural and statistical MT (NMT / SMT) for optimum results
  • Controlled gateways for connection to MT solutions from other manufacturers (DeepL, Google, Microsoft Translator, etc.)
  • Flexible licensing models (on-site, floating, IaaS, SaaS)
  • Worldwide support organization (first-, second- and third-level)

For all employees

  • Web-based solution (STAR Translate) for a quick rough translation of individual texts or entire documents
  • Queries regarding business-specific formulations and specialist terms in all languages

For language experts

  • Seamless integration into STAR language technology CLM platform/Transit/TermStar
  • Additional translation suggestions in a conventional working environment
  • Efficient post-editing through established QA functions in Transit
  • Support for all conventional formats (Office and layout formats, PDF, HTML, XML, localization, etc.)
  • Integration into the CAT environment of third-party suppliers via API

For IT officers

  • Flexible sizing through modular structure and any depth of integration levels (in-house solution or hosting)
  • Simple implementation through seamless integration into existing processes
  • Support for authentication and authorization mechanisms (single sign-on)
  • No threat from data miners:
    Your texts will only be used for your own translations