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PRISMA for compliance

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PRISMA für Compliance
PRISMA für Compliance

Smart Content Services for compliance

It’s something we’re all familiar with: In order to make the right decisions, a number of guidelines and regulations have to be combed though and carefully observed. But can anyone really know all of these guidelines and how to apply them correctly off by heart?

PRISMA for compliance facilitates and accelerates the work involved in regulated processes: It provides quick, comprehensible and legally sound answers – tailored to the individual user and the respective case.

PRISMA is an assistant based on artificial intelligence that takes the user step-by-step through complex tasks. It accelerates digitalization projects in compliance processes, eliminates the need to search for information and automates routine tasks. In addition, PRISMA provides content guidelines that are modular and interpretable by machine. With this, you gain a powerful, innovative foundation for digitalization and processes relating to governance, risk and compliance.

PRISMA explained in brief

Compliance made simple

Benefits for end users

  • Do away with confusing rules: Quickly find and use guidelines, continually improved suggestions and answers for current context
  • Always know what is permitted: Personalized content and instructions that are tailored to the business case and role
  • Relief from routine tasks: Automation of simple work steps (e.g. transfer of collected data / parameters into the ordering system, etc.)
  • Technical assistance available at any time: Speech interaction can be integrated on the basis of chat / voice assistant technology

Benefits for process managers

  • Quicker and more scalable implementation: Collection of guidelines, standard operating procedures, etc. as knowledge graphs (machine-interpretable logical structures)
  • Better content: Uniform and continuous use of terms, concepts and classifications (ontologies)
  • Continuous improvements: Statistics and user feedback on used content, applied processes and requested assistance
  • Increased productivity and compliance: An intelligent complement for tasks that cannot be automated using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Benefits for CFOs and CEOs

  • Reduction in non-compliance costs: Simple access to relevant content and proven practical knowledge
  • Effective information and communication: Targeted, active change notifications sent to relevant users
  • Increased transparency and traceability through structured, machine-interpretable regulatory content, which is not only made available as text but also as an interactive assistant and context-specific, regulation-compliant instructions
  • Fewer risks: Early warning system against compliance breaches that could incur high costs and potentially be damaging for the business, using detailed data on questions and problems from practical experience

Advantages for IT / digitalization

  • Quick and cost-effective digitalization projects in the areas of governance, risk and compliance: Hub with intelligently networked, machine-interpretable regulation content in place of black box content files
  • Simple, uncomplicated (re-)use: Web-service interface (REST API) for transferring regulation content to other systems
  • Smart services: Regulation-based services, e.g. automatically compiled content on the basis of business transaction and user parameters
  • Cross-system standardization and consistency: Automatic comparison of regulation content and definitions with other systems (“single source principle”)