Language services

Language services


Communication without language barriers

Those who speak the languages of their target markets are the most successful internationally: Carefully translated marketing materials that are adapted to the target market, websites and user documentation create competitive advantages and bring you closer to your customers.

With over 600 permanently employed language experts, we have a worldwide network of qualified specialist translators who cover 70% of our total production in-house. Depending on the language combination and area of specialism, they are supported in their work by carefully selected freelancers. Thanks to intensive training and support programs, they are fully qualified in the use of our tools and quality assurance procedures; complete integration into the IT infrastructure guarantees seamless processes.

Benefits at a glance

  • Short time to market through globally available resources
  • Targeted communications thanks to many years of market, language and industry knowledge
  • Scalable language services from a single source
  • Maximum quality through experienced language experts, controlled processes and proven technologies

Global experience

With subsidiaries in over 30 countries, our project managers, translators and technical specialists can offer on-site expertise in the local markets.

Our long-standing relationships with our customers in a wide variety of sectors and the stability of our specialist teams ensure that the mutually acquired project experience can continue to be put to good use.

Quality and efficiency through controlled processes

Automated workflows ensure controlled translation processes and relieve project participants of routine tasks.

We combine the quality of experienced language specialists with industrial language processes, enabling you to benefit from excellent value for money.

The right tools for any requirement

For every customer and every project, we use the translation tools and processes that are best suited for the respective job.

This means that, in addition to the tried and tested products from STAR, we also use software from third-party manufacturers in order to meet every requirement in a bespoke manner – for your projects as well.

MT services for rapid global communication

Global markets, international project teams, worldwide support: The demand for translations is rising considerably quicker than the capacities offered by translators and language experts. Machine translation (MT) creates additional resources in this regard: As a means of support for professional translators, to aid in the understanding of foreign documents (“gisting”) or as a fully automated translation of standardized texts.

Machine translation or translation memory? Statistical or neural MT? There is no universally valid “right” or “wrong”, but rather fluid transitions. We can help you decide which form of machine translation is the best choice for your translations, texts and language combinations.

Benefits at a glance

  • Overcome high translation volumes using additional resources
  • High translation quality through customer-specific trained MT engines
  • Requirements-driven combination of MT, translation memory and post-editing
  • Flexibility through configurable interfaces for the customer’s existing MT systems

Achieve quality through post-editing

Following machine translation, post-editors come into play: Our language experts with specialist knowledge give your texts the linguistic finishing touch.

With professionally organized in-country reviewing services, your own experts on site can also take part in the validation process..

Validated language pairs can be integrated into the existing TM databases.

Perfectly trained with STAR MT

To ensure that the MT system is optimally trained for your translations, we extract the very best from your data.

With 35 years of experience, it’s become something of a tried and tested routine for us to extract texts from a variety of different file formats and make of use terminology – even for machine translation.

Systran, DeepL, SmartMATE & Co

Are you already using an MT system? Is STAR MT something you’d rather implement later on? No problem, since our tools and workflows are flexible.

We can also integrate MT systems and services from a variety of different providers, meaning that Systran, DeepL, SmartMATE & co. can easily become part of your translation process.

Let the market talk

Expert editors in the target market have the best knowledge of relevant local and cultural requirements. With in-country reviewing, you can ensure that your message strikes the right chord in the target market.

STAR’s professionally organized in-country reviewing process integrates your local experts in the validation process with minimal effort. This also involves people whose everyday work has little to do with translation and language processes.

Benefits at a glance

  • Higher quality through target group- and market-oriented text
  • Higher efficiency through direct communication with experts
  • Process reliability through integration into automated workflows
  • Shorter time-to-market through online reviewing in real time
  • Segment-specific commenting function for proofreaders and project managers
  • Documented segmented history with comparison of different revision statuses

» CLM WebEdit: Teamwork in real time

Preparation is better than rework

The sooner you take valuable input from the local market into account, the better.

We ensure that local experts are involved in the language and terminology processes at an early stage, in order to ensure that your message starts off using the right words and the right tone.

A finger on the pulse of the market

Your local experts are on top of the latest linguistic and industry trends in their respective markets. We help to bring this experience into the translation process with minimal effort.

Global reviewing in real time

Browser-based review tools allow global review and feedback processes to take place in real time. With appropriate permissions, editors can even correct mistakes immediately online without losing time, misunderstandings or multiple correction and approval loops.

Use the right term – avoid misunderstandings

Company-specific technical terminology is key to accurate, clear communication with customers and staff and, at the same time, is a fundamental part of your company profile and your CI.

As a result, you can reap the benefits of our tried-and-tested terminology expertise: Terminology work accompanying your project during translation? Creating new company terminology? Consolidating existing terminology records? Optimizing terminology processes? We provide you with targeted, practicable support that meets your needs.

Benefits at a glance

  • Clear and consistent communication through company wording
  • Reduced costs for translation and quality assurance
  • Scalable solutions for every terminology budget
  • Tried and tested terminology management on a global scale
  • Standardized terminology workflow throughout the entire information process
  • Length restrictions, abbreviations, disallowed terms and approved synonyms as part of company terminology
  • Use in AI applications using ontologies (RDF triples)
  • Create impactful names for innovative products in all languages

» WebTerm: Understand content worldwide

» STAR CLM: Manage language processes throughout the company

» TermStar: Create clarity

Communicate effectively across language barriers

Successful interpreting projects start by finding the right interpreter – one with good knowledge of the specialist subject and language combination, as well as the ability to tailor their service to the event in question.

We can find you interpreters who will make your meetings, conferences, negotiations, discussions and presentations a huge success.

Benefits at a glance

  • One point of contact for service and technology – a one-stop shop
  • Maximum quality through experienced, optimally selected and prepared interpreters
  • Wide variety of language combinations and topics covered thanks to a large pool of seasoned interpreters
  • Comprehensive, customer-specific project management for global services

Software localization

Timely release management without stress

Software localization is more than just translating interface texts: Checking the length of display texts, resizing dialog elements, protecting code, working with text out of context – and all of this in a range of different file formats. In the end, it’s the overall result that matters: A package made up of user interfaces, online help, documentation and webinars available in good time and in all relevant languages.

In the age of agile software development with ever-shorter release cycles, a high level of automation is critical to the success of localization processes.
Reap the benefits of our expertise – we’ll be happy to support you in planning, implementing and conducting your individual localization events.

Benefits at a glance

  • Shorter time-to-market through streamlined processes and integrated localization tools
  • Global network of localization specialists
  • Time and cost control through standardized, automated localization processes
  • Digital continuity from the developer to the user
  • Consistent localization (of user interfaces, documentation, etc.) from a single source
  • Experienced testing teams in the markets
  • Support for all common file formats (.dll, .exe, RC files, XML / HTML / PHP etc.)

» Transit: Conquer new markets quicker

» STAR CLM: Manage language processes throughout the company

Language dubbing

When images and sound are a perfect match

Multimedia and audiovisual projects are on the rise, as they are an ideal way to display content clearly, memorably and optimally suited to your customers. A helpful side-effect – well-made multimedia projects can inspire people to learn more.

The most challenging aspect of multimedia projects is the use of automation to achieve global scalability across multiple languages.

With a network of skilled partners and a sizeable pool of language specialists, we implement your multimedia projects in a range of languages to meet a variety of needs profiles, all from a single supplier.

Benefits at a glance

  • Standardized processes for maximum planning security
  • Scalable costs with professional solutions, even for small budgets – for instance, subtitling instead of dubbing
  • Centralized project management for multilingual projects
  • Support for all common multimedia formats and standards
  • One supplier for everything you need: Storyboards, translation and text adaptation, speaker selection and voice-over setting (to timings or lip-synchronized)