CLM WebEdit

Web-based translation & review

CLM WebEdit

Web-based translation & review
CLM WebEdit
CLM WebEdit

Teamwork in real time

CLM WebEdit makes it easy for users to work online and locally. In this way, teamwork is efficiently supported: Those involved in the process can be quickly integrated into work procedures and systems; work results are immediately available to all authorized users.

CLM WebEdit supports two work scenarios: Translating and reviewing. The user interfaces are precisely tailored to the respective requirements.

Benefits at a glance

  • Worldwide browser access via the Internet or intranet with no local installation required
  • Teamwork at the segment level
  • Comprehensive tracking, complete segment history, and full transparency in Transit
  • Flexible configuration of rights and functions
  • Short time to market through fast translation processes
  • Rapid integration of experts from every specialist field and target market
  • Flexible licensing models (on-site, floating, IaaS, SaaS)
  • Worldwide support organization (first-, second- and third-level)

For translators

  • Full context through synchronized page layout PDFs
  • Convenient online editing capabilities
  • Synchronized terminology from project dictionaries
  • Translation suggestions from translation memory and machine translation
  • Simple access and quick editing of smaller projects
  • Individually configurable views

For reviewers

  • Check and approve translations in a straightforward process
  • Convenient online editing capabilities including find-and-replace functions
  • Segment-specific commenting function for proofreaders and project managers
  • Documented segmented history with comparison of different revision statuses

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