Time is money

In the financial sector, reliability and up-to-date accuracy of information can provide a decisive competitive advantage. Information must therefore be processed, prepared and communicated as quickly as possible.

At the same time, the heavily regulated information processes demand the highest levels of security and confidentiality in the handling of data and adherence to sector-specific IT security standards.

Global business

In order to be able to operate successfully worldwide, language barriers need to be overcome within a short space of time.

Using a secure Corporate Language Management platform, you can achieve fast translation results: Automated communication and language processes facilitate routine tasks, combine optimal language technologies and reduce administrative work to a minimum.

» Optimization of information processes: The quickest way to achieve your goal

Artificial intelligence for compliance

  • Assistant for facilitated and accelerated working in regulated processes
  • Multilingual interactive regulatory content and process guidelines can be accessed from anywhere at any time
  • Avoidance of actions that contravene compliance

» PRISMA: Artificial intelligence for compliance