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Machine Translation
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Quickly and affordably understand what it's all about

Global markets, international project teams, worldwide support, multi-language communication channels? Perfect translations are not always needed for every situation. In many cases, rough translations render the content understandable – also known as "gisting" – and do so in real time. STAR Translate employs all available language resources to provide the best quality in the shortest time possible.

Benefits at a glance

  • Translations from internal and external resources (MT, TM, terminology) – all in a single web interface
  • Validated translations from corporate translation memory and terminology lists
  • Machine translations from specially trained engines (STAR MT) or handled by external suppliers (DeepL, Google, Microsoft Translator, etc.)
  • Translate individual texts using copy & paste or entire documents using drag & drop
  • Best possible integration into any corporate environment
  • Flexible licensing models (on-site, floating, IaaS, SaaS)
  • Worldwide support organization (first-, second- and third-level)

For all employees

  • Quick rough translation of individual texts or entire documents
  • Optimum translation quality from all available sources
  • Good translations for specialist content as well as everyday texts
  • Queries regarding business-specific formulations and specialist terms in all languages
  • Corporate wording taken into account

For language experts

  • Quick access to corporate language resources
  • Additional benefits for translations and terminology work
  • Increased awareness of language services and linguistic expertise within the company
  • Feedback on key points regarding usage and translation quality

For IT officers

  • Flexible sizing through modular structure and any depth of integration levels (in-house solution or hosting)
  • Seamless integration into a corporate website through extensive UI customizing options
  • Support for authentication and authorization mechanisms (single sign-on)
  • Detailed reporting to identify peaks and types of usage
  • Controlled gateways for external MT providers such as DeepL, Google, Microsoft Translator, etc.
  • Integration into third-party applications via REST API

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