Sowing the seeds for sustainable business

The agricultural sector is conquering new ground with technology and expertise: Agricultural machinery is communicating with data pools in order to exchange information on soil conditions, harvest results, fertilizer requirements, etc. for every square centimeter. Smart connectivity in farming is paving the way for balancing productivity with a conservational approach to nature.

At the same time, there is significant drive within the agricultural economy to make quicker and better use of arable land – in places such as the African continent, the BRIC countries and nations within Central Asia and the Middle East.

Entering new terminological territory

The introduction of innovative technologies in new target markets is also new ground from a language perspective, requiring the use of specialist terminology that first needs to be created in a number of different target languages.

This calls for intelligent processes that make it possible to compile and manage terminology locally; at the same time, it must also be possible to maintain control over quality and approval in a centralized fashion.

A synchronized integration of terminology databases in editing, translation and communication processes ensures consistent usage, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

» TermStar: Create clarity

» Terminology management: Use the right term – avoid misunderstandings

Assembly-line translation

With flexible translation processes, adding new languages to the mix is easy: Synchronous translations via pivot languages guarantee a short time to market.

The multi-directional translation memory in Transit lets you keep your future options open: For example, certain language combinations in which a pivot language may be necessary today will be able to be translated directly tomorrow.

» Transit: Conquer new markets quicker

» Translation: Communication without language barriers

Benefit from collective intelligence from the markets

Local experts know best how well your information will be understood by the target audience.

In-country reviews are easy to conduct and improve the quality of your documents while increasing product security without time-consuming back and forth question and answer and correction cycles.

» CLM WebEdit: Teamwork in real time