Mechanical & plant engineering

Mechanical & plant engineering

Mechanical & plant engineering
Mechanical & plant engineering

More value for your machines

The mechanical engineering sector produces intelligent, complex products that perfectly integrate mechanics, electronics and software. As a result of this, information is increasingly becoming a key component of these products, with optimized human-machine communication creating considerable added value for your customers.

Being able to control machines easily is not the end of the story. In combination with the right information model, the management solutions of today can already fulfill the requirements of tomorrow: Via integrated troubleshooting, situational diagnostics, customized maintenance procedures and interactive repair instructions. In this way, humans and machines can complement each other in an even better fashion.

Digital continuity

Information is recorded as soon as it is created, then stored and linked semantically.

Engineering changes are thus automatically incorporated into all possible views and publications as part of a continuous process: Changes to development parts lists are automatically reflected in replacement parts lists, diagnostic systems and user information.

» GRIPS: Information products with high value for the customer

Quicker diagnostics

Thanks to the semantic linking, the troubleshooting process is not bound by rigid decision trees: The most efficient way to achieve a goal is determined using probabilities, labor values and other parameters.

By evaluating the results of previous troubleshooting procedures, diagnostic processes can be optimized even further.

» PRISMA for after sales: Artificial intelligence for products

Open up new markets

Global customers, wide range of products, numerous innovations, increasingly modular texts: The demand for translation is rising, along with the pressure on time to market and costs.

Automated corporate language management makes translation volumes manageable. User-friendly portals make it easy to manage and monitor tasks and conveniently incorporate internal collaborators and external service providers alike.

» STAR CLM: Manage language processes throughout the company

Human-machine interface in all languages

Display texts and their translations “communicate” with users and service technicians; they are consequently the most important interface between humans and machines.

Using flexible tools, we determine the best process to ensure that your localization projects are carried out swiftly, soundly and securely.

» Software localization: The world as a market for your software