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PRISMA for after sales

Smart Content Services
PRISMA für After Sales
PRISMA für After Sales

Smart Content Services for after sales

There’s no doubt that products themselves are increasing in complexity, but can the same be said of the operation and service procedures that are associated with them? Technicians often have to laboriously search through manuals, online portals or files on their laptop if they want to find the right set of instructions for installation, maintenance or diagnostics. Even once they’ve been successfully located, these instructions still encompass a number of different product variants, contain too much detail even for experienced technicians and yet are too vague for inexperienced users. Routine tasks, such as time calculations, spare parts orders and logs of work undertaken as well as inspection and adjustment work must be logged and forwarded, and ultimately yet another service manual will need to be updated. All of this has a significant impact on the productivity and satisfaction of employees in the after sales division.
PRISMA for after sales facilitates and accelerates work processes relating to complex products: PRISMA provides employees with precisely the right information that they require for their context and knowledge level. Assistance services provide support for difficult work steps, while smart services offer relief from routine tasks. Consequently, PRISMA increases productivity and improves the satisfaction of employees working in after sales. PRISMA is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and is thus not only smart, but also future-proof. Product and process information is provided independently of the source system in a central information hub – in all desired media and formats. As a result, PRISMA is the perfect solution for accelerating your digitalization projects, covering the final stretch along the road to comprehensive digitalization.

PRISMA explained in brief


Benefits for users / technicians

  • Do away with laborious searches for information: An increase of up to 30% in productivity
  • A quicker and better way to achieve your goal: An assistance level that depends on individual expertise – from the beginner to the specialist
  • Relief from routine tasks: Automation of regular tasks (configuration-appropriate time / cost calculations, etc.)
  • Effortless collection of data and feedback: Recording of measured values, logs, observations and feedback from the field
  • Understanding and learning made simple: User-friendly media and scalable support through 3D applications, animations, augmented reality, virtual reality, voice assistants, etc.

Benefits for service team / customer service managers

  • Attractive service models: Low service costs and total cost of ownership
  • Dynamic maintenance planning: Tailored to customer requirements, configuration, application profile and use of the product
  • Accurate, verifiable service history: Digital record of all service work, logs, measured values, observations and feedback
  • Added value and additional turnover: Expedient, value-adding and cost-saving digital services for end customers
  • Relief from routine tasks: Automatic spare parts ordering based on workshop planning
  • Fast initial training for new employees: Personalized step-by-step assistance with optional remote support

Benefits for diagnostics, warranty and goodwill

  • Quick and easy troubleshooting: Adaptive diagnostics based on frequencies of occurrence
  • A quicker and better way to achieve your goal: Dynamically managed troubleshooting processes for beginners; Display of essential information for specialists
  • Simplified and optimized processes: Embedding in diagnostic processes and integration with testers and condition monitoring
  • Quick decisions: Digital proof of maintenance with no time-consuming clarification
  • Low guarantee and goodwill costs: Configuration-appropriate calculation and recording of time and material expenditure instead of worst-case-scenario work values

Advantages for IT / digitalization

  • Central hub for all after sales information: Digital info twin with information on all products that is continuously kept up to date and tailored to each configuration
  • Simple digitalization projects for after sales and IOT: Service-oriented interface for interpretable product / process information and smart content services
  • Future viability and investment protection: AI-based, practically tested information models with machine-interpretable “white box” information
  • Compliance and data security: Traceability, dynamic content processing, granular data storage, possibility of recovering data at any time and secured service API