Consumer goods, retail & tourism

Consumer goods, retail & tourism

Einzelhandel & Tourismus
Einzelhandel & Tourismus

Meeting the needs of any target audience in any market

The scope of products and services in retail and tourism is vast and fast-paced. Companies who can achieve name recognition more quickly, build a stronger presence, attract more visitors to their websites and achieve higher ratings remain a step ahead of the game. Websites that address the specific needs of local markets and adapt quickly to new requirements on a global scale offer a key advantage.

Staying current globally

In fast-moving markets, information and websites that are continuously kept up to date are something of an expectation – leaving little time for lengthy translation processes.

Intelligent workflows and lean processes guarantee short information paths and quick localization of changes, keeping your Internet presence current at all times.

» STAR CLM: Manage language processes throughout the company

» Optimization of information processes: The quickest way to achieve your goal

Understand your customers – across language barriers

Feedback, comments, ratings and even criticism provided by your customers are invaluable means of assessing the performance of your products and services.

With machine translation, you can make sense of foreign-language content immediately and respond at short notice – either with a customized system that’s been specially trained for you, or via connection to online services such as DeepL, Google, etc.

» STAR MT: Machine translation – quicker and cheaper

» Machine translation: MT services for rapid global communication