Keeping information on the right track

Globalization, which involves the free movement of goods and people and worldwide competition, presents great challenges for transportation companies. Efficient logistics are the deciding factor in remaining successful in this industry.

The challenge lies in achieving maximum availability of means of transportation and providing optimized, flexible and needs-oriented information for international transportation services. Customer requirements in terms of security and reliability along with optimized route planning and timing must also be met.

Avoiding idle times

For transport companies, the maxim “time is money” prevails: Downtimes directly translate to a loss in income. Thanks to dynamic maintenance plans, maintenance work can be optimally tailored to the individual requirements and application profiles of the individual vehicle, thereby increasing the availability of the vehicle fleet.

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Terminology on tour

International transportation services move goods and means of transport across national borders and language barriers alike. In order for accompanying papers and maintenance instructions to be understood everywhere along the route, the use of clear and unambiguous terms is critical.

This calls for intelligent processes that make it possible to compile and manage terminology locally; at the same time, it must also be possible to maintain control over quality and approval in a centralized fashion.

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Prevent language barriers from bringing things to a halt

Small issues can result in significant consequences: An unanswered query from distant countries can play a decisive role in determining whether the right objective is achieved at the right time.

With machine translation, you can make sense of foreign-language content immediately and respond at short notice – either with a customized system that’s been specially trained for you, or via connection to online services such as DeepL, Google, etc.

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